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The valuation of antiques or the estimate of a piece of vintage

We present the market trends on purchases of antiques, vintage fashion and modern antiques. There [...]

Antiques & Vintage: a Choice for Sustainability & Green Living / Green Lifestyle – Our “Manifesto”

The antiques and vintage market offers a treasure trove of unique and stylish items that [...]

Vintage clothing is increasingly fashionable

The fashion of the past is increasingly Fashion. With this article we inaugurate the column [...]

TEFAF, the most important Antiques and Ancient Art Fair in the world, returns to Maastricht

TEFAF, the most important Antiques Fair - Antiques Fair and Art Fair - returns to [...]

The Intriguing Connection between Industrial Design and Collecting: Commonly Used Objects as Works of Art

The connection between industrial design and collecting reveals how everyday objects can transform into true [...]

The Liberty Style in Italy: the new art from Rome to Turin

The Liberty Style in Italy: the new art from Rome to Turin The Liberty Style, as [...]

Where the term “flea market” originated

Origins of the term "flea market". Although the concept has existed for millennia, the origins [...]

Antiques and Empire Style: Exploring Elegance and History

Among the various styles that have left a lasting impression, the Empire Style stands out [...]

The Restoration Style

The Restoration style is a French style that describes the arts and architecture produced during [...]

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